Section E


Section E: policy classification system provides a repository for statements of non instructional services and programs, including most of those that fall in the area of business management such as safety, buildings and management (not construction), transportation, food service

EB Joint Loss Management Committee October 12, 2021
EBB School Safety September 2021
EBBA Standard Precautions Against Bloodborne Diseases August 2011
EBBA-R Exposure Control Plan for Protection against Bloodborne Diseases July 2011
EBBB Accident Reports - Related Policies EBBD,JLCE,JLC & JLCD October 2021
EBBC-JLCE Emergency Care and First Aid April 20, 2021
EBBD Indoor Air Quality July 2014
EBC Crisis Prevention and Response March 12, 2019
EBCA Crisis Prevention & Emergency Response Plans- Related Policies ADD,EB,EBCB,JICK & JLCJA Related Admin Procedures EBCA-R November 9, 2021
EBCA-R Emergency Plan Checklist July 2013
EBCB Fire & All Hazard Drills October 2021
EBCC False Alarms, Bomb, Active Shooter, and Other Such Threats January 9, 2024
EBCD Emergency Closings November 2021 Reviewed No Changes
EBCE School Closings & Cancellations School Closings November 2021 Reviewed No Changes
EBCF  Pandemic Epidemic Emergencies  Adopted May 24, 2022
EBCG Communicable & Infectious Diseases Adopted
November 10, 2020
EC Buildings and Grounds Management November 2012
ECA Buildings and Grounds Security October 2021
ECAC  Vandalism  August 2011 
ECAF/EEAA Video and Audio Surveillance On School Property and Student Transportation Approved November 15, 2022  
ECF Energy Conservation September 2008
EDC Authorized Use of School Owned Materials August 2011
EDCA Employee Use of Electronic Communication Devices Approved/Adopted August 25, 2020
EEA Student Transportation Services October 25, 2022
EEAEA Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing-School Bus Drivers and Contracted Carriers October25, 2022
EEAED Sex Offender Registry Information August 2011
EEAF Special Use of Buses August 2011
EEAG Use of Passenger Vehicles To Transport Students For School Activities May 11, 2020
EF Food Service Management October 2016
EFA Availability and Distribution of the Healthy Foods July 2014
EFAA Student Food Service Meal Payment Charging & Meal Account Management September 26, 2023
EFC Free and Reduced Lunch Price Policy August 2011
EFE Vending Machines August 2011
EH Public Access to School Districts Records January 12, 2021
EHAA  Staff Personnel Computer Security, E-Mail and internet Communications  December 2015 
EHAAA  Information Technology  August 2011
EHAB  Data Governance and Security  January 30, 2024
EHAC  Electronic-Digital Records & Signatures  Adopted August 25, 2020
EHB  Data/Records Retention  March 12, 2019 
EHB-R Local Records Retention Schedule June 14, 2022
EH-R  Administrative Procedures For Public Access To District Records "Right to Know Requests"  Adopted January 12, 2021
EI Risk Management August 2011
EIB Liability Insurance and Pooled Risk Management August 2011
EID Insurance August 2011