Section B

SOMERSWORTH SECTION B: Board Governance and Operations

Section B: Contains polices, on the school board-how it is appointed or elected;
how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates. This section includes by-laws and policies establishing the Board's internal operating procedures.

BA School Board Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting November 2021 Reviewed No Changes
BAA  Evaluation of the Board  August 2011 
BAAA  School Board Policies and Admin. Procedures  August 2011 
BA-R Evaluations of School Board Procedures July 2011
BA-R1 Evaluation of School Board November 2012
BB Board Legal Status August 2011
BBA School Board Powers and Duties August 2011
BBAA Board Member Authority August 2011
BBB School Board Elections August 2011
BBBA Board Member Qualifications August 2011
BBBC Board Member Resignation August 2011
BBBD Board Member Removal From Office August 2011
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment May 14, 2019
BBBF Student School Board Members Adopted March 28, 2023
BBBH Recognition of Organization of SAU School Board July 2011
BBBH-R Recognition of SAU July 2011
BCA School Board Members Ethics December 11, 2018
BCB Board Member Conflicts of Interest August 2017
BDA Board Organizational Meeting August 2013
BDB Board Officers August 2011
BDD Board-Superintendent Relations August 2011
BDE Committees and Board Member Assignments-Liaisons June 13, 2023
BDE-R School Board Committee Report-Out Form (New Policy) April 14, 2020
BDG School Attorney August 2011
BEA Regular Board Meetings June 13, 2023
BEAA School Board Meeting Preparation August 2011
BEB Special Board Meetings August 2011
BEC NON-Public Sessions August 2011
BEC-R  Nonpublic Session Minutes Form Adopted June 13, 2023
BEDA Public Notification of School Board Meetings August 2011
BEDB Agenda Preparation and Dissemination February 2018
BEDC Quorum May 9, 2023
BEDD Rules of Order September 30, 2019 (No Changes)
BEDG Meeting Minutes January 9, 2024
BEDH Public Comment and Participation at Board Meetings June 11, 2019
BFE Administration in Policy Absence August 2011
BGAA Policy Development, Adoption and Review Adopted January 10, 2023 
BHC Board-Staff Communications August 2011
BHE School Board Use Of Email and Other Electronic Communications  June 14, 2022
BIA New Board Member Orientation August 2011
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities August 2013
BIBA Board Member Conferences, Conventions and Workshops July 2011
BID Payment for Services Rendered by School District Office July 2011
BIE Board Member Indemnification August 2011
BJ Board Legislative Involvement August 2011
BK School Board Memberships August 2011
BKA Liaison with School Boards Association  Updated July 2011