Accepting Cash Payments

Accepting Cash Payments
Posted on 02/07/2023

Accepting Cash Payments - Parent Info

SYC is now officially accepting cash payments from families at Idlehurst and SMS, below are some specifics: 


  • Checks are still the preferred payment option 
  • Cash will only be accepted on Thursdays AM or PM, or Friday AM only
  • If we are off on Friday, cash payments will be accepted on Wednesdays
  • Please bring the exact amount owed. Change may not be available to be made. Overpaying a bill is discouraged, as it is difficult to track and apply to a future invoice.
  • Please make sure to leave with a receipt for your payment. 
  • We are designating one person each day to accept cash payments, you may be asked to wait a moment for that staff member. 
  • Please refrain from sending cash in with your student. Instead, make payment to the designated staff person at pick up/drop off. 
  • At this time this, we are set up for cash payments at Idlehurst and SMS locations only. If you would like to pay in cash at Maple Wood Before Care, please let the Director know.