Superintendent Office Bios

Lou Goscinski & Susan Blair

Lou Goscinski & Susan Blair

Lou Goscinski

Interim Superintendent, SAU 56 and 104


Lou Goscinski is an accomplished school superintendent who has served thousands of students over a career in public education that has spanned five decades. He has taught preschool, elementary, middle and high school students. In addition to being a teacher, Lou has worked as a principal, special education director, and superintendent in New Hampshire and Maine. He taught graduate students for a number of years in the areas of school law and ethics.  


As interim superintendent for Somersworth School District, Lou’s goal is to work cooperatively with the school board, faculty, and staff to help SAU 56 and 104 transition from an interim to a permanent superintendent.


Lou is passionate about building meaningful relationships with all school district stakeholders. During his career in public education, Lou has learned that what educators do can be paired down to one basic concept—engaging in positive relationships with others. He has also learned there are fundamental universal truths about building positive relationships. They include:


1) All people want to be treated with dignity and respect.

2) All people would rather be asked than told.

3) All people want to know why they’re being asked to do something.

4) All people would rather have options than threats.

In his free time, Lou enjoys spending time with his family, working on home and wood projects, skiing, hiking, and playing the harmonica. He can sometimes be seen greeting students and staff with songs.  



Susan Blair
Title 1 Director of Curriculum/ Grants Manager/ Title IX Coordinator


Susan Blair has been working with children for most of her life. Understanding the significant impact of a child’s early years, she became an Early Childhood Teacher soon after earning her bachelor's degree from Salem State College. Susan has over 20 years of experience teaching children from preschool through third grade. It includes special education, readiness, and transitional first—a looping experience from first to second grade with a group of students with various challenges. She prides herself on helping children who struggle the most. 


Susan’s administrative journey began in 1999 when the principal of her K-12 school asked her to become the elementary Assistant Principal. Since then, Susan has served as assistant principal and principal in several NH schools. As a school leader in small rural communities, she wore many hats and assumed many roles. As you get to know Sue, you will quickly discover that she is driven by the belief that all children are entitled to an engaging, relevant education that requires student participation and creative thinking. She believes the teacher must continuously evaluate with a watchful eye and curious mind to ensure students understand and make appropriate connections to previously taught skills.


Susan is most proud of her experience as a principal in Franklin, NH. The staff at the school knew that they needed to shift their practice and develop a school model to support individualized learning while also addressing each child's social, emotional, and physical needs. From that work emerged the motto, “Kids First.” With a commitment to putting all Kids First, the staff were able to make decisions that profoundly affected student lives and learning. The U.S. Department of Education recognized this work as a “Promising Practice,” accompanied by a visit from Asst. Secretary of Education, Frank Brogan, in March of 2020.


Susan’s goal in Somersworth is “to support the administration in building a system that supports all students and staff while encouraging and embracing families as partners in their children’s education and growth in all areas of development.” 


“I am passionate about helping teachers, staff, and children become their best. When people are happy with their work and what they do, their enthusiasm is contagious and evident in all they do.” She believes that all students can be successful. When students believe in themselves, and teachers and staff believe in themselves, it will happen.”


Susan’s work with children is grounded in the belief that all children can learn to their fullest potential when provided with instructional strategies that support their learning styles and abilities. She believes that relationships are essential to the learning process. “Knowing each student as a person, in addition to knowing what to teach and how to teach based on the student's knowledge and understanding, are the keys to student success!


When she’s not working, Susan enjoys sewing, quilting, designing flower arrangements, solving puzzles, and creating a beautiful home for herself and her significant other. She is a mother of three grown adults and a grandmother of four grandchildren, ages one to 21. “Being a grandmother is an honor and a privilege, which brings me joy and pride every day!”