SYC Registration and Pricing


SYC registration for Before and After School is ongoing for the 2022-2023 school year

Pre-registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now open! This helps us plan for next school year. Click below. 

  • Program at the elementary level fills up quickly
  • Enrollment is first come first serve
  • Fees are an essential part of sustaining the program
  • There is a cost at middle school this year
  • Families who qualify for free/reduced lunch qualify for a reduced rate
  • Registration is all via Google Forms
  • Have your insurance information handy when registering


CLICK HERE to register for the current 2022-2023 school year


Click here to PRE-REGISTER for the 2023-2024 school year (next year)



Fee Structure and FAQs


SYC was previously largely funded by a federal grant program. One of the requirements of the grant has always been to work toward becoming a self-sustaining program, which is run without the support of federal funds. We are pleased to announce that after 15 years of working toward this goal, we have achieved this requirement, with support from our families, our school and city leaders, and members of the community! With this change, comes the first fee increase in a decade for our programs. Please see pricing for SYC below.




How is Full Pay vs. Free/Reduced rate determined? Free/Reduced indicates whether or not your student qualifies for Free/Reduced meals during the school day. Families who qualify for Free/Reduced meals, qualify for the Free/Reduced SYC rates. 

What if I only want my child to attend part-time? Right now, there is no reduced rate for part-time attendees. As is, fees are priced well-below market rates, and cover a child's slot for the week.

How are fees collected? Families will receive one invoice for any SYC programs that their child is in. One payment can be made for multiple children, and/or the Before and Afterschool programs. We are looking into online payment options. Please check back here for updates. 

When are fees due? Fees will be due on a regular basis. The due date will be reflected on your invoice. 

What if my child only attends part time? Fees are the same for full time and part time and cover the cost of your student’s “slot”. 

What happens if I fall behind on payment? Please notify the Program Director as soon as you expect any financial barrier to payment. The Program Director will work with you on a course of action to bring your account up-to-date. 

Why is middle school a lower rate? Over the past 15 years we have observed that higher rates at the middle school prohibit youth from attending the program who could greatly benefit from what the program has to offer. The lower middle school fee is designed to lower the financial barrier for families for youth who may otherwise be unsupervised afterschool. Due to support from federal dollars, SYC was able to eliminate middle school program fees for a number of years. 

Program Director: Coty Donohue

Email[email protected]